The finer details of doing business with the university through a bid is explained on this page.

Sample Requirements

Suppliers should always examine bids for a request for sample requirements. When requested, suppliers must label samples clearly and identify them by:

  • Bidder’s name
  • Bid number
  • Item number

There will be no charge for samples to the university. Samples must be submitted by the date and time established in the bid.

Samples not destroyed by testing or examination will be returned to the bidder at their expense. Samples not required to be returned to the bidder will be disposed of by Procurement Services.

Bid Correction, Withdrawal, and Price Adjustments

Bid Correction

A correction or withdrawal may be made by the bidder provided it is made and received prior to the bid closing deadline. Corrections made outside of the eBid system will not be accepted.

Corrections are made by:

  1. Retracting your bid on eBid
  2. Making the changes
  3. Resubmitting your bid

Bid Withdrawal

Withdrawals are made:

  1. Prior to the bid closing deadline
  2. By clicking on the “Retract” button in eBid
  3. Do not resubmit

Price Adjustments

Bid prices shall remain firm for the duration of the contract unless it is otherwise noted in the special terms and conditions section of the contract.

Awarding a Bid & Basis of Award

All purchases based on competitive bidding are awarded to the lowest responsive bidder.

Basis of Award

In addition to price consideration will be given to the following when determining the lowest responsive bidder:

  • The best interest of the university
  • The quality and performance of the goods or services to be supplied
  • Conformity to specifications
  • Delivery time
  • Other unique requirements outlined in the bid request
  • Request for Proposals are awarded based on certain criteria, price included, stated in the RFP

Notification of Award

Once the evaluation process of the bid submissions is complete, the successful bidder will be identified.

  • Bidders will be notified by email, in writing, and/or the award will be posted on the UNL eBid website
  • Bidders are responsible for checking all updates regarding a bid
  • Should the successful bidder and UNL fail to finalize a contract, UNL reserves the right to attempt to enter into a contract with the next most responsive bidder(s) based on evaluation results

Bid Rejection & Protest Policy

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Procurement Services reserves the right to reject any or all bids, wholly or in part.

Bid/RFP protests must be received in the office of the Director of Procurement no later than seven (7) calendar days after the contract award notification is received. Please see the Bid/RFP Protest Policy for details on how to submit a protest.