Request for Alternative Delivery Location Form

During COVID-19 restrictions at UNL, Purchase Order & Package Deliveries continue to be delivered to campus and are being handled by the Facilities Service Desk. Please check the information provided on the resources page provided here to determine how to retrieve packages. It is not necessary to edit shipping addresses on purchase orders unless directed to add a contact phone number on the ATTN line.

Requests for the rare exception to ship products to faculty or staff alternate/home addresses should be carefully assessed. If, during this period of remote work transition, it is deemed absolutely necessary to ship supplies to locations other than campus, use the following process to request approval. Please use discretion when utilizing this option. Written justification is required, along with supervisor and funding source approval. Each situation will be assessed on its own merit and alignment with Board Policy. If approved, accounting of such assets purchased on behalf of the university must be documented accordingly by the department making the purchase.

Examples of items considered unacceptable and/or non-reimbursable:
  • Internet costs or additional wi-fi
  • Desks
  • Chairs
  • Riser table workstations
  • Printer cartridge for a personal printer
  • Pens, paper clips, rubber bands, etc.

*These examples are not all-inclusive

Request for Alternative Delivery Location Form

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Procurement will acknowledge requests within 24 hours, however, approval may require further information and/or review time; thus overall assessment time will vary depending upon the individual request. Approvals for these purchases are subject to Board of Regents policies.

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