The university's Nebraska Contract System was created to comply with the LB429 Taxpayer Transparency Act. All contracts or subcontracts entered into by the university are publicly viewable at the Nebraska State Contracts Database.

Nebraska Contract System Login

You must register with a university email address before you can upload contracts into the Nebraska Contract System. Use the New User Signup button for quick registration.

Why does Nebraska Contract System Exist

Nebraska Legislative Bill (LB) 429 amended Nebraska law to require all state agencies, including the University of Nebraska, to provide the Nebraska Department of Administrative Services a copy of “each contract or subcontract that is a basis for an expenditure of state funds, including any documents incorporated by reference in the contract or subcontract” as of January 1, 2014.

The Department of Administrative Services is required to “publish such contracts and subcontracts on the department’s website in a format that is searchable by supplier, by agency, board, commission, or department, and by dollar amount.” (Neb. Rev. Stat. §84-602.02(3) (2013 Supp)).

The Nebraska Contract Systems allows the university to enter, store, and, dynamically feed such data to the  Nebraska State Contracts Database.

When to Use Nebraska Contract System

A contract, for purposes of LB429, is any document accepted by both parties with two signatures, creating obligations enforceable by law, including amendments and documents incorporated by reference that will lead to the expenditure of state funds. Expenditure contracts need to be uploaded into the Nebraska Contract System.

Determining Party Responsible for Uploading the Contract

A contract:

  • for 1 year or less and;
  • less than $5000;
  • signed by the department head and the supplier;
  • contract will be uploaded by the department using the Nebraska Contract System

A contract:

  • greater than 1 year and;
  • greater than $5000;
  • must be reviewed and signed by Procurement Services
  • contract will be uploaded by Procurement Services

How to Use Nebraska Contract System

The following document includes instructions to navigate the Nebraska Contract System. You will need to register prior to accessing the system using the New User Signup.

Using the Nebraska Contract System