Procurement Services' Updates on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Last updated September 17, 2020

This page is regularly updated with the latest information on how COVID-19 is impacting Procurement Services, Strategic Sourcing, as well as related procurement support services such as deliveries, inventory, and supplier information. We want to keep you apprised as to what we are doing, and what you can do, to mitigate the impact. We appreciate your continued support and patience. Please also visit 2020 Novel Coronavirus and COVID-19 website for official updates regarding UNL’s response.

Procurement Services

Procurement Services continues to monitor the supply chain closely. Due to ever-changing and increasing demand in some commodities, availability and supply disruptions are likely to be experienced. Please contact your Buyer for immediate needs.

Please LINK below to helpful guidance on temporary changes to UNL’s procurement and business delivery processes as a result of COVID-19

Purchase Orders

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, normal on-campus operations have been greatly reduced and most campus buildings are closed with restricted access for essential personnel only. It is also not necessary to edit shipping addresses on purchase orders unless directed to add a contact phone number on the ATTN line.

Temporarily allowable items 

Based on preventative recommendations by the CDC, the purchase of hand sanitizer, face masks and wipes for business purposes will temporarily be allowed by the university. Whenever possible, the purchase of these items should be via eSHOP, though we are also hearing of restricted PPE quantities also becoming available from other suppliers. Due to nationwide demand, we are not able to guarantee availability. See also the section below: “Critical PPE, Research, Laboratory, Medical Supplies.

Package Deliveries & Mail

On-campus deliveries have returned to normal and are no longer going through Central Receiving.

Alternative Delivery Locations 

Requests for the rare exception to ship products to faculty or staff alternate/home addresses should be carefully assessed. If, during this period of remote work transition, it is deemed absolutely necessary to ship supplies to locations other than campus, use the following process to request approval. Please use discretion when utilizing this option. Written justification is required, along with supervisor and funding source approval. Each situation will be assessed on its own merit and alignment with Board Policy. If approved, accounting of such assets purchased on behalf of the university must be documented accordingly by the department making the purchase.

Critical PPE, Research, Laboratory, Medical Supplies

Due to global shortages in key personal protective equipment (PPE), there is limited or no current availability of certain products (N95 masks, gowns, goggles, gloves, hand sanitizer, wipes, etc.) from many suppliers, though limited availability may periodically occur when suppliers locate product(s).  Due to these limitations, prices may be fluid and available packaging/quantities restricted.

An additional item that may be trending toward limitations is ethanol. Suppliers are in constant contact with manufacturers, and available items on inventory change by the minute and may be subject to certain allocations. Please check either the suppliers’ website via eSHOP or contact the appropriate sales representative for more information.

Additionally, standard lab consumables, reagents, and equipment appear to be sufficiently stocked and are being shipped without delay or backorder. If you have further questions, please contact the appropriate Buyer or sales representative for the supplier you wish to do business with.


What if I need to cancel an event or an external service is no longer needed?
Please contact Procurement Contracts and your business office in the event that you need to terminate a contract related to a change of plans due to the COVID-19 impact.

How will I get my contracts signed?
Contracts continue to be submitted, reviewed, and processed for execution by the Procurement Contracts team. Please send them as you normally would to


Customer Service for technology companies has been stretched thin due to the pandemic. Please be patient as most businesses are also working remotely.

Generally, any items related to “working from home” setups (laptops and peripherals) have experienced longer than normal lead-times, in many cases moving out to July.

For Software purchases:

Not directly impacted at this time. Additionally, many of the current software packages we own are enabling our remote workforce.

For Hardware:

Dell: The average lead-time on the Dell Standards is 17 days, and fill rates can range from 7 – 51 days.

HP via Connection: At this time, they have stock available on all University Standards models on the list. When/if this inventory is depleted, the lead-time could move to 4-8 weeks to replenish. They do have prebuilt models in stock, but anything “custom” would have a 4-12 week lead-time.

Lenovo via CDWG: They are taking pre-orders to stay ahead of the orders for the Standards, current lead-time is 4 weeks or less. Lead-times for desktop systems are much better than laptops.

For Servers and Storage hardware:

In short supply with longer than normal lead-times. Samsung drives are in very limited inventory with manufacturers pushing out replenishments until July.

For Networking products:

Currently averaging 2 – 4-week lead-times

Updates from Suppliers

Office Depot

Due to global shortages, we have very low availability or are out of stock on certain products. We are working daily with our vendors to add more stock but are subject to their ability to procure and allocate these items. We encourage you to continue to check our site for updates on product availability. 

Each of our distribution centers has a plan to ensure continuity of service in the event of a localized outbreak. 

We have developed with Procurement Services a temporary procedure for assisting University purchases for approved delivery to home offices or alternate locations. Please contact Procurement Services for guidance. (See also Alternative Delivery Locations above.)


We want to do our part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our communities. That’s why effective immediately, we won’t require you to physically sign for most deliveries made in the U.S. It’s just another way we’re focused on Safety Above All - now, and always. Visit our COVID-19 customer site for more details and to learn more about how FedEx is responding as this situation evolves. 

Sherwin Williams

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we are taking special measures to ensure health and well-being. One of the ways to contain the spread of COVID-19 is to limit contact with others and time-spent in public places.

For these reasons, we have temporarily closed our sales floors and are limiting the ways you can order and receive product.

  • Order Online. Cash and charge account customers can login or register online here. Or call our experts at 1-800-4SHERWIN and we can help you get set up.
  • Place your order over the phone. You may experience longer wait times or busy signal. We appreciate your patience and understanding.
  • In-store pickup is no longer available. You must either request delivery or curbside pickup. If you order online, please note your preference in the comment section.

We are committed to helping you navigate these challenging circumstances. While our stores will continue to service you, we have reduced our hours of operation.

  • Monday-Friday: Normal open time - 5:00 pm
  • Saturday: Normal open time - 4:00 pm
  • Sunday: Normal open time - 2:00 pm

*Subject to state and local restrictions

If you are experiencing financial hardship during this time, please call our district credit office to discuss. We are working hard to provide you with the trademark service that you deserve and expect from us. We thank you for your business and support during these rapidly evolving times.

Kone (Elevators)

Please contact the KONE Customer Care Center at +1-877-276-8691 with any questions or service needs. Agents are available 24/7 to assist and promptly dispatch technicians. Please note that in order to ensure our technicians are prepared and have the appropriate personal protection equipment when entering your facility our agents will be asking if you can tell us if anyone in your facility has tested positive for Covid-19 and if your facility is currently under any infectious disease protocol. 

The Filter Shop

As we navigate through the ever changing COVID-19 crisis, The Filter Shop will be open and delivering products for the industries we serve. The Filter Shop has been deemed an “Essential Supplier” and will be operating under normal hours.


Many furniture manufacturers have shut down operations for 2-3 weeks due to shelter-at-home mandates. This will have an impact on lead times for university projects once the manufacturers are up and running again. Our furniture suppliers are monitoring closely and will communicate all details to us once the orders are placed and they begin to work on install coordination. This applies to all of our prime furniture suppliers, a list of whom can be found here: 

Guidance for our Suppliers

The University has taken steps to restrict the number of people on campus and shifted most work off-site in a measure to practice social distancing. Effective Wednesday, April 8, our campuses have closed to all employees except those whose physical presence is officially designated as necessary and will continue for at least two weeks. More information is available here.

We ask our valued suppliers to observe the following guidelines: 
  1. Continue to fill purchase orders you receive for needed supplies, which are being accepted at UNL Central Receiving as described here (see also Package Deliveries above). If you require other delivery arrangements, please contact the buyer.
  2. Do not make any sales calls on University campuses.
  3. Do not make re-occurring automatic deliveries without first confirming the recipient is able to receive delivery. 

Please alert us if you have questions or experience any delivery challenges by one of the following methods:  email the appropriate department representative, send a message to our general email box, or call us at 402-472-2126.

Procurement FAQ’s (COVID-19)

Last updated April 20, 2020

Can I use my P-Card for small purchases, such as office supplies or books, for home delivery?

P-Cards may be used to purchase essential supplies for home delivery by completing the Request for Alternative Delivery Location Form. All P-Card purchases must comply with the P-Card policy.  Request assistance from your department P-Card holder for purchases.  Questions may be directed to UNL P-Card or Procurement

If I’m using my department’s P-Card, will the University P-card rules apply?

Yes, all purchases still need to meet University policies. Questions may be submitted to either the UNL PCard team or Procurement.

If I am working from home, who do I contact for approval of supplies orders?

Purchase orders continue to be placed via eSHOP, and deliveries are being made to Central Receiving on campus. If an alternate delivery location is needed, please submit your request on the Request for Alternative Delivery Location page and Procurement will assist accordingly.

If I place an order in eSHOP, can I get it delivered to my home?

Remember that Central Receiving is still open and you can pick up your order delivery on campus.  Requests for the rare exception to ship products to faculty or staff alternate/home addresses should be carefully assessed. If you and your manager deem this necessary, please submit your request on the Request for Alternative Delivery Location page and Procurement will assist accordingly.

How do I re-direct the delivery of an existing order in eSHOP to my home?

Please complete and submit your request via the Request for Alternative Delivery Location page and Procurement will assist accordingly.