General Supplier Information

Suppliers are an intricate part of the procurement process. Thank you for spending some time getting acquainted with the university.

Our Commitment to You

  • Conduct all purchases in accordance with applicable state statutes, Board of Regents policies, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln policies and procedures.
  • Maximize competition and provide interested and qualified suppliers with an opportunity to offer their products or services to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
  • Treat all suppliers fairly.
  • Execute purchases exceeding $5,000 as Procurement Services is the only legal entity authorized to do so at the university.

In addition to the above commitments, university sourcing specialists are expected to:

  • Encourage minority-owned, women-owned, and disadvantaged businesses to become a university supplier.
  • Buy the quantity and quality of products and services at the right price.
  • Ensure all suppliers make sales to the university with a required purchase order or contract.

Contact Information

location iconProcurement Services
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
1700 Y Street
Lincoln, NE 68588-0645

Code of Ethics

This code applies to all in the university community who purchases goods and services and to anyone who influences those purchases.

  • Give first consideration to the objectives and policies of the university. Comply with the Board of Regents Bylaws 1.10 and Regents Policies 1.1.2.
  • Purchase without prejudice, seeking to obtain maximum value for each dollar expended on behalf of the university.
  • Strive to continually increase competition in supplier selection and endeavor to prevent any collusive activities among suppliers. Avoid soliciting or accepting money, loans, credits and the acceptance of gifts, entertainment, favors, or services from current or potential suppliers that may influence, or appear to influence, supply management decisions.
  • Refrain from any private business or professional activity that would create a conflict between personal interests and the interests of the university.
  • Treat information of a confidential or proprietary nature to the university and/or suppliers with due care and proper consideration of ethical and legal ramifications and governmental regulations.
  • Promote positive supplier relationships through courtesy and impartiality in all phases of the procurement cycle
  • Refrain from reciprocal agreements which restrain competition.
  • Do not use university purchasing systems for personal purchases or use university buying power for personal benefit.

Suspensions & Removal

Suppliers will be provided an email notification of a suspension or removal action and its duration. Conditions which may warrant removal or suspension or removal include, but are not limited to:

  • Repeated failure by supplier to meet delivery schedules
  • Failure to deliver
  • Delivery of unauthorized goods
  • Unauthorized substitution on specified goods
  • Service deficiencies
  • Repeated billing errors
  • An offer of gifts or bribes to Procurement Services personnel and/or other university employees