Suppliers are expected to meet the basic expectations described below for doing business with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

State & Local Taxes

  • Prices quoted by the supplier must be exclusive of all taxes
  • The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is exempt from the payment of federal excise taxes and state and local taxes
  • Federal excise tax exemption certificates will be provided upon request

Certificate of Insurance

Any individual or entity performing services for the University of Nebraska is required to provide a Certificate of Insurance, naming the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska as an additional insured. 

The Certificate of Insurance provides proof of insured coverage for a suppler/company with limits to include $1 million per occurrence and $3 million general aggregate.  This certificate must be on file in Procurement Services PRIOR to any commencement of services. Insurance coverage varies by service provided.

Use the Certificate of Insurance Lookup Form to see if a company has a certificate of insurance on file with us.

Packaging Expectations

  • All items must be packaged in accordance with prevailing commercial practices and in such a manner as to ensure delivery in good condition and as specified on the purchase order
  • Packaging must properly identify the consignee and the purchase order number
  • A packing slip must also accompany each shipment for verification purposes
  • It is preferred that all packaging be made of recycled material

Delivery Acceptance

  • All deliveries are subject to inspection and approval
  • Items that do not meet the specification of the purchase order or are not delivered in good condition will be rejected
  • Items rejected by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln must be removed at the supplier’s expense

Supplier Invoices

In order to receive payment for goods and services provided, the supplier must submit an original invoice. Invoices must contain the following information:

  • Proper purchase order number
  • Complete description of goods or services furnished
  • Quantity delivered
  • Unit prices and extensions
  • Prompt payment discount terms, if any

Terms & Payment


  • Bidders should ensure that payment terms are specifically stated on their bid or proposal
  • Cash discounts will be deducted from the base bid in determining the lowest responsive bidder
  • The university interprets a percentage discount for payment “within 20 days” to mean that a discount will be allowed if the material is accepted and paid for within 20 days after the receipt of both the product and the supplier’s invoice


The supplier receives payment for goods and services after:

  • The supplier delivers and the university accepts the goods and services
  • The supplier submits an original invoice for the goods and services
  • The university matches the invoice with the receiving copy of the purchase order
  • Supplier payment is made by means of a State of Nebraska warrant or ACH payment in the amount due
    • All supplier payments over $25,000 must be paid by ACH